Social Portrait of a Student of a Non-State Higher Education Institution of St Petersburg (on the Example of AN НЕО “University associated with IA EAEC”)

Introduction. Article is the result of a case analysis to study the satisfaction of students of the AN НЕО “University associated with IA EAEC” with the educational process as one of the indicators of the quality of education. An analysis of various aspects of student satisfaction with the activities of the university allows to identify problems in the organization of the learning process and find the best ways to solve them using available resources. In addition, determining the overall level of student satisfaction allows making managerial decisions based on relevant information about the needs of students and the quality of educational services provided. The purpose of the article is to analyze the degree of satisfaction of students of AN НЕО “University associated with IA EAEC” with the educational process in general and their career orientations. This formulation of the question will allow to identify more accurately the problems and needs of students, as well as to develop recommendations for improving the quality of the educational process itself. Methodology and sources. The case-study method was chosen as the methodological strategy. The main research method in the work is a survey. Results and discussion. The results of sociological research conducted in the form of a questionnaire survey are presented. The type of sampling is continuous. According to the results of the survey, students demonstrate pragmatism and focus on results in the learning process. Thus, 70.6 % stated that only intrinsic motivation helps them to study. In difficult competitive conditions, students need to be sure that the profession they get in higher education will be in demand, that their knowledge will be enough to compete effectively with other graduates in the labor market. In these conditions, modern students are aimed not so much at obtaining fundamental knowledge as at acquiring practical skills. Conclusion. One of the main results of the analysis is the conclusion that the most painful issues for students are the issues of internship and grant opportunities. The university management should pay the most attention to these two aspects of satisfaction, i.e., internship places and grant opportunities.

Authors: Natalia P. Kirsanova, Vladimir A. Glukhikh, Aleksandr S. Gonashvili, Alexey E. Geger

Direction: Sociology

Keywords: satisfaction, quality of educational process, motivation, career orientations, professional competencies

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