About the journal

The DISCOURSE Journal publishes the results of scientific research of Russian and foreign scientists and is focused on the publication of materials on the socio-humanitarian problems of the development of society.

The History of the journal “DISCOURSE” goes far beyond the limit of 2015 – the date of its foundation. Previously the journal sections were the inseparable part of the journal “Proceedings of ETU “LETI”. According to the new requirements of the Supreme Attestation Committee (SAC) at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation implemented in 2014 (the Ministry order № 793 of 25.07.2014) an edition can be included in the List in one or several (up to three) branches of science and/or (up to five) groups of researchers specialties. Because it was impossible in new conditions to present all subjects of the University in one journal, the University management took a decision to create a new journal dealing with Humanities, social and economic problems of the society development which was called the “DISCOURSE”.

Founder and publisher

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University

The journal is published in Russian in printed form. The names of articles, abstracts, key words, author’s data are translated into English.

Publication Frequency. The Journal is published 6 (six) times a year.  Average number of articles in the issue - 13.

Size of edition - is 300 copies.

Distribution - free mandatory distribution of copyright copies and by subscription, see Subscription section

Open access to the full texts of the articles in Russian is provided to everybody without any restrictions.

The Journal mainly publishes original papers (7-15 pages long), which represent theoretical provisions of the research, the results of the research and their analysis, review papers (18-25 pages long) can be published as an exception by decision of the editorial board.

Each paper published in a scientific Journal is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) through the DOI link service, CrossRef.

In order to ensure the content of a high level of papers, they are published only after peer review (double blind) and editorial revision in accordance with the principles of editorial ethics.

For publication, papers written in Russian and English are accepted. The titles, annotation (abstract) of all Russian-language papers, keywords and a list of references are translated into English.  Papers that have the greatest value from the point of view of the editorial board for the international scientific community are also fully translated into English.

Registration certificate

The Journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (PI No. FS77-62347 dated July 14, 2015).

International Standard Serial Number

ISSN 2412-8562 (print)

ISSN 2658-7777 (online)

The Journal "DISCOURSE" is included in The list of leading peer-reviewed scientific publications, where the basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Ph.D. and Candidate of sciences should be published in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Journal publishes papers in three areas: Philosophical, Sociological, Linguistics.


Publications in the Journal "DISCOURSE" are included in Science Citation Index. Citation Index is an index specifying significance of the article that is calculated based on the following articles referring to this particular work.

Journal policy

The aim of the Journal is the creation and development of a professional communication platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and discussions on actual socio-humanitarian issues within the thematic areas of the Journal.

Mission of the Journal: publication of the original results of scientific research on various issues of a philosophical, linguistic, cultural and sociological nature, received by a wide range of authors - both recognized scientists and specialists, and those who are just starting their career in the profession of young researchers and scientific organizations in Russia and foreign countries; communication between Russian and foreign specialists - philosophers, sociologists, linguists working in scientific organizations of various departments; integration of the capabilities of a multidisciplinary approach to humanitarian research; strengthening the integration of domestic scientific schools in the international scientific community.

The Journal provides direct open access to its content, based on the following principle: free open access to research results contributes to an increase in global knowledge sharing.  The Journal is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).  This means that the material of the papers can be copied and distributed on any medium and in any format, as well as adapted and created new for any purpose, including commercial, subject to the following conditions: you should provide the appropriate attribution, provide a link to the license and indicate changes if any were made.  In this case, no one has the right to apply legal restrictions or technological measures that create other legal obstacles to the implementation of any of what is permitted by the license.

Allowed for consideration are papers previously posted by authors on personal or public sites not related to other publishers.

When the author (authors) uses excerpts from other papers (in Russian, English or other languages) in their works, they should be drawn up in the form of links to sources or obtained permission from the previous publisher or copyright holder.

When submitting a paper, the author should confirm that the paper was not published or was not accepted for publication in another scientific Journal.  When linking to an paper published in the Journal Discourse, the publisher asks to place a link (full URL of the material) to the Journal’s official website.

The Journal does not work with intermediaries.  Papers are accepted only from authors.  Publication in the Journal for authors is free.  The editors do not charge authors for the preparation, placement and printing of materials.  The editors of the Journal do not provide any paid and agent services.  Accelerated deadlines for publishing papers are not provided.

In the case of the discovery of circumstances confirming that the published paper contains such serious flaws or erroneous data that cannot be trusted, the editorial office is obliged to take measures to correct them or withdraw this paper (for more details see the section "Retraction"). 

Papers with plagiarism are not allowed to be published.  The editorial board of the Journal "Discourse", when considering the paper, conducts a mandatory check of the material using the АNTIPLAGIAT. Authors are advised to conduct a preliminary check in the АNTIPLAGIAT and Text.ru. In case of borrowing, the editorial staff acts in accordance with the accepted Ethics of Scientific Publications and COPE rules.