About the journal

The journal publishes the results of scientific research of faculty members, doctoral and post-graduate students of higher educational institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and their strategic partners on socio-economic and humanitarian problems of society development

The History of the journal “DISCOURSE” goes far beyond the limit of 2015 – the date of its foundation. Previously the journal sections were the inseparable part of the journal “Proceedings of ETU “LETI”. According to the new requirements of the Supreme Attestation Committee (SAC) at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation implemented in 2014 (the Ministry order № 793 of 25.07.2014) an edition can be included in the List in one or several (up to three) branches of science and/or (up to five) groups of researchers specialties. Because it was impossible in new conditions to present all subjects of the University in one journal, the University management took a decision to create a new journal dealing with Humanities, social and economic problems of the society development which was called the “DISCOURSE”.

Founder and publisher

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

The journal is published in Russian in printed form. The names of articles, abstracts, key words, author’s data are translated into English.

Publication Frequency. The Journal is published 10 times a year. Average number of articles in the issue - 13

Size of edition - is 300 copies.

Distribution - free mandatory distribution of copyright copies and by subscription, see Subscription section

Open access to the full texts of the articles in Russian is provided to everybody without any restrictions.

Registration certificate

ПИ № ФС 77-62347 of 14.07.2015 issued by the Department of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications.

International Standard Serial Number

ISSN 2412-8562

The Journal "DISCOURSE" is included in The list of leading peer-reviewed scientific publications, where the basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Ph.D. and Candidate of sciences should be published in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


Andrey F. IvanovDr. of Philosophical .Sc., Prof., dep. of Philosophy, ETU “LETI” (St. Petersburg)

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the journal consists of 37 persons representing scientists, research and educational staff. Among them are 35 Doctors of Sciences, 2 Candidates of Sciences, 5 foreign scientists (Ph. D.) from  Poland,  Indian, China, Croatia, United Kingdom.


Publications in the Journal "DISCOURSE" are included in Science Citation Index. Citation Index is an index specifying significance of the article that is calculated based on the following articles referring to this particular work.

Journal policy

The journal purpose is the creation and development of the professional communication platform for interdisciplinary dialog and discussions on current social, pertaining to humanities and economic problems within the framework of subject directions of the journal

The journal task is publication of original outcomes of scientific research in various issues of philosophical, culturological and socio-economic nature obtained by a wide circle of authors both recognized scientists and specialists, and young researchers of higher educational institutions and research organizations of Russia and foreign countries


All manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are tested for the presence and amount of illegal borrowing in the  АNTIPLAGIAT

The originality of the article received by the editorial office should not be less than 70%.

Authors are advised to conduct a preliminary check in the АNTIPLAGIAT and Text.ru.

The editorial board of the journal "DISCOURSE":

  1. Adheres to the policy of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE);
  2. Acts according to the principles of international laws on copyright (Responsible research publication: international standards for authors) and copyright legislation applicable within the Russian Federation;
  3. Accepts and works with the materials submitted by the author, on the basis of the Rules of cooperation with the editors and the Author's agreement.

The Rules of cooperation with editors (responsibilities of parties) based on the Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for journal editors are presented in Publication ethics section. Before the manuscript submission process authors should carefully read the requirements and obey them responsibly starting with the moment of Submitting article. No one`s copyright rights should be violated during the collaboration process.

     The materials published in the journal reflect the author`s personal position, which can be different from the editorial`s position.

     All author's materials are subject to compulsory peer-review (see section Peer review ).

     The editorial board does not enter into scientific discussions with authors.

     Author's fees for publications are not considered in this proposal. Manuscripts are not returned. Publications in the Journal are free of charge. 

     The editors have the right to reject the manuscripts formatted inappropriately (Manuscript guideline) and manuscripts containing materials that do not correspond to the subject matter of the journal.

     Reprinting or distribution of the materials published in the journal is not allowed without the prior written agreement of the editorial staff.     


Journal authors

The editorial staff of the journal invites to cooperation Doctors and PhDs, research workers, academics, postgraduate and Master’s students who carry out conceptualization of the world outlook, cognitive and moral problems, perform relevant research in problems of social and economic sciences and practices and who wish to make professional contribution to the development of modern philosophy, sociology and economic sciences



The journal is oriented towards researchers, academics, postgraduate and Master’s students of philosophical, sociological and economic directions, and is also meant for a wide audience of specialists who work in pertaining to the humanities, social and economic spheres of the society