1. All copyright material submitted for publication in the Journal shall undergo scientific reviewing. The review is organized by the editorial board in accordance with the Regulations on the procedure for reviewing the manuscripts of the articles and the Requirements for the  review content.
  2. Reviewing shall be performed by highly qualified scientists and experts with deep professional knowledge and experience in the particular area.
  3. The terms of reviewing in each particular case shall be defined by the Editorial Council (the Editorial Council members in charge of relevant subject) for the utmost prompt publication of the articles, but not more than 30 days.
  4. Reviewers shall be informed that the submitted manuscripts are the authors’ private property and highly confidential information.
  5. Reviewing shall be carried out in confidence. The review is sensitive information and provided to the author of the manuscript at his written request without reviewer’s signature, name, position and place of work.
  6. Unsealing shall be possible only in case the reviewer declares uncertainty or falsification of the information in the manuscript.
  7. In case the manuscript review contains suggestion to make corrections, it shall be sent back to the author for refining.  
  8. In case the author disagrees with reviewer’s opinion, he shall have a right to provide a well-reasoned reply to the journal editorial office. The editorial council can appoint another reviewer.
  9. The decision on the article publication expediency after the reviewing shall be made by the editorial council.
  10. The Editors shall inform the author about the decision upon his request. The author of rejected manuscript shall receive reasoned refusal upon his request.
  11. Non-reviewable articles shall be the following:
    • articles written by members of the State Academies if Sciences;
    • articles recommended for publication, i.e. scientific reports listened to at congresses, conferences, etc.;
    • informative, promotional, image-building articles,  reports and announcements.

The authors also can see the article criteria on which reviewers should evaluate a manuscript. (Requirements for the  review content).

See also the Publication ethics section and the materials are posted on COPE website.