Issue 2 Volume 10, 2024

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-17 Philosophy Negative Impacts of the High-Tech Implementation in the Russian Higher Education Sector Anatoliy I. Stoletov
18-28 Philosophy Altruism in the interpretation of Russian religious philosophy Tatyana A. Skoropad
29-38 Sociology Why Chinese “Society” is So Called: How Social and Managerial Discourse Caused the Choice of the Word at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries Evgeny V. Kremnyov
39-48 Sociology Solidarization of Russian Society: a Historiographical Analysis Almaz R. Gapsalamov, Egor V. Gromov
49-58 Sociology The Development of the Berliner as a Political Person under the Influence of the Urban Cultural Environment Aleksandr M. Tokarev
59-74 Sociology Social Portrait of a Student of a Non-State Higher Education Institution of St Petersburg (on the Example of AN НЕО “University associated with IA EAEC”) Natalia P. Kirsanova, Vladimir A. Glukhikh, Aleksandr S. Gonashvili, Alexey E. Geger
75-88 Linguistics English Onomatopoeic Verbs of Motion in Literary Works by Lora Owen and Their Translation into the Russian Language Marina V. Veselova, Elena I. Besedina
89-102 Linguistics On the Theoretically Possible Number of Cases in Natural Language Valeria N. Malysheva, Andrey А. Shumkov
103-116 Linguistics Representation of a Scientific Supervisor in Internet-Memes Nataliia V. Stepanova, Maria S. Sigaeva
117-130 Linguistics The Modification of Mythological Archetypes “son” and “father” in Joyce's Novel “Ulysses” Nadezhda A. Karlik
131-142 Linguistics Mediatization of the Ecological Security in the English Media: Corpus-Assisted Approach Larisa A. Kochetova, Maria N. Orlaynskaya