Regional Peculiarities of the Formation of the Teaching Staff of the Higher Education System

Introduction. The aim of the study was to assess the share of teaching staff with various work experience in teaching positions in higher education institutions in the total number of teachers in higher education organizations in each of the regions of Russia. The scientific novelty is connected with the analysis of spatial aspects of the formation of teaching teams of higher education organizations, taking into account the teaching experience of employees. The relevance of the problem under consideration is due to the need to reduce the existing imbalances in the personnel of universities and attract young specialists to teaching. Methodology and sources. During the study the author used official statistical information on the work experience of university teachers in 82 regions of Russia in 2020. The author's methodological approach was based on the use of normal distribution density functions as mathematical models. In the course of the work, there were determined the indicators characterizing the share of teachers belonging to five groups by experience of pedagogical work. Results and discussion. The results of the study showed that approximately every fourteenth teacher had less than five years of teaching experience, every ninth teacher worked on such positions from five to ten years, every seventh teacher worked on such positions from ten to fifteen years, every fifth teacher worked on such positions from fifteen to twenty years. It is proved that the number of teachers with work experience up to twenty years was 52% and it is slightly more than the number of teachers with work experience of twenty years or more. The analysis showed the presence of a certain differentiation of the indicator values under consideration by region. Conclusion. The proposed methodological approach and the results obtained are characterized have originality and scientific novelty. They can be used by federal and regional authorities in the development of measures for the formation of teaching staff in higher education organizations.

Authors: Iuliia S. Pinkovetskaia

Direction: Sociology

Keywords: higher education system, personnel management, teaching experience, teaching staff, higher education institutions, regional differentiation, normal distribution functions

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