Issue 4 Volume 8, 2022

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-17 Philosophy Philosophy of School Multilingualism in the Era of Political Multiculturalism. French Experience. Case of France Nikolay V. Litvak
18-28 Philosophy Linguistic Properties of Metamodernist Concepts in Anglophone Art Discourse (Case of Modern Scottish Prose) Nina F. Shcherbak, Alena I. Gerus
29-41 Philosophy Symbiotes of the Digital Environment: to the Epidemiological Theory of the Interface Konstantin A. Ocheretyany
42-50 Philosophy Digital Etiquette: Educational Strategies Stanislav N. Pochebut
51-74 Sociology Social Atmosphere as Integration of Interaction Strata: Empirical Testing of the Conceptual Position Pavel P. Deryugin, Svetlana V. Boyarintseva
75-90 Sociology The Network Capital of the Cossack Youth as an Element of the Social Capital of the Russian Cossacks Anna S. Shilyaeva, Sergey V. Kurapov, Maxim E. Zabolotnikov, Sofia V. Petrova
91-108 Sociology Resources of Civil Science and Sociology (on the Example the Design of the Social Food Map of Dagestan Youth in St Petersburg) Ekaterina A. Shekera
109-121 Sociology Regional Peculiarities of the Formation of the Teaching Staff of the Higher Education System Iuliia S. Pinkovetskaia
122-135 Linguistics Linguocognitology & Systemology: Integrativity in actu (Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Interaction) Diana M. Mironova
136-145 Linguistics Upper German Dialects as a Linguo-Cultural Phenomenon Galina A. Baeva, Anastasiya A. Ponomareva
146-157 Linguistics Iconic Words Denoting Food Consumption (on the Material of the Russian Language) Natalia N. Noland, Elena I. Besedina
158-171 Linguistics Vocabulary of the German COVID-19 Pandemic Discourse Nella A. Trofimova, Olga A. Orlova, Elena A. Pridorogina, Svetlana Yu. Novikova