Russian Tourism in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic: New Trends

Introduction. The era of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on changes in various areas of our society, and also predetermined the transformation of the Russian tourism industry. The purpose of the work is to identify new trends in Russian tourism in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Methodology and sources. The study used the method of selective observation and the method of forecasting, carried out the sociological analysis of the works of modern scientists N.A. Voskolovich, I.V. Loguntsova, B.M. Eidelman, O.A. Bunakov, L.R. Fakhrutdinova, V. Durly and the large-scale study of the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry in Russia (906 respondents). Results and discussion. The author has deepened his understanding of the process of de-globalization in relation to Russian tourism during a pandemic. The pandemic is accelerating de-globalization, the megatrend that could become strategic in tourism for the foreseeable future. This experience will contribute to the emergence and popularization of new tourism trends: the increase in the number of travel near the place of residence and within the country, the spread of digitalization, the personalization of travel offers, travel planning with safety in mind and attention to the sanitary and epidemiological situation, an increase in ecotourism and excursion tourism, an increase in the number of car trips, as well as the reorientation of some tourists from hotels to short-term rental housing. Conclusion. From a futuristic perspective, the pandemic has greatly benefited the panorama of events unfolding before our eyes. The pandemic, speaking in futuristic terms, can be classified as a “black swan”. This is the social experiment on a global scale, which determines the emergence of new tourism trends, and also forms in the eyes of the public the special attitude towards Russian tourism as a truly important industry.

Authors: Vostrova E. I.

Direction: Sociology

Keywords: tourism, Russian tourism, tourism trends, the Covid-19 pandemic, de-globalization, futurology.

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