Issue 6 Volume 7, 2021

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-16 Philosophy Terrorism in the Modern World-System: Towards the Problem of Prospects for Interdisciplinary Research Izgarskaya A. A., Lukyanov N. E.
17-27 Philosophy On Dependency between Wishes and Perception Ponomarev A. I., Frolov K. G.
28-41 Philosophy Evolution of Views on the Value of Scientific Knowledge in Western Philosophy Pafomova L. A.
42-61 Philosophy Transformation of Artistic Imageries of the World and National Cinema in the Era of Postmodern Andreeva O. V.
62-73 Sociology Dynamics of Event Processes in the Information Society: Social Functions of Fake and Hype Gerasimov S. V.
74-82 Sociology Russian Tourism in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic: New Trends Vostrova E. I.
83-96 Sociology Small Homeland in the Context (Space) of Civil Identity Thakahov V. Kh.
97-108 Sociology K.M. Takhtarev is one of the First Professional Sociologists in Russia. To the 150th Anniversary of His Birth Boronoev A. O.
109-119 Linguistics Precedent Phenomena: Transformation Processes Svistun T. I., Ilyicheva I. L.
120-131 Linguistics Lexicаl-Semantic and Syntactic Valency of Language Representations of the Emotional World in the Poem “Then, fare thee well” by T. Mооre Diehl A. V.
132-145 Linguistics Expressing the Author's Position in the English-Language Network Film Review Kononova I. V., Klepikova T. A., Klenova E. A.
146-159 Linguistics “Flemish Legends” by Charles de Coster. The Peculiarities of the Traslations into Dutch Zhuravleva O. M., Ulianitckaia L. A., Shumkov A. A.