Analysis of Humanitarian Technologies of Expertises in Solving of Socio-Cultural Dilemmas

Introduction. The aim of the article is to show the socio-philosophical basis of humanitarian expertises and to demonstrate an important role of these technologies in the life of society and the world for solving of current socio-cultural dilemmas. We set ourselves the following tasks: to conduct a socio-philosophical justification of the theoretical foundations of moral expert science, to define three types of humanitarian expertises, to identify the range of their application, to show the significance of their application for society and for professional organizations. Methodology and sources. This work methodologically is based on a socio-philosophical analysis of the works of well-known sociologists and philosophers of the ХХ–XXI centuries who created the foundation for humanitarian expertises as well as on a comparative analysis of the three expertises with the identification of their deferential characteristics. Results and discussion. Thanks to the developed methods and methodologies in sociology, cultural studies, etc., various new approaches were created for the scientific study of the society problems and the consequences of the influence of scientific and technological progress on it. These methods and methodologies which are the basis of humanitarian technologies, allowed us to step over the individual subjectivity and to consider objectively socio-cultural phenomena, based on facts and on the justification of social action. Suggested by Emile Durkheim’s practical sociological method of investigating facts made it possible to combine the forces of specialists in different fields to identify the causes of the appearance of normal and pathological factors and to analyze them. Whereas, M. Weber outlined the methodological foundations of social action with the help of them it is possible to objectively identify the main actions developed by this society. The methods and techniques formed the basis of the humanitarian technologies of three examinations: socio-humanitarian, humanitarian and ethical. There is still no term under which they can be combined so the author’s this article proposed the term – humanitarian. The humanitarian is from the word humanity (humanity), that is, what is inherent in all people including society and its actions. Functional analysis of social and cultural products by Robert Merton and show of ethics micro and macro order by George Ritzer had formed the foundation for modern humanitarian expertises: social humanitarian, humanitarian and ethical. Conclusion. When the role of science in the life of society becomes dominant, it is necessary to have such methodologies with which it will be possible to control the illegal use of scientific achievements, to identify unethical behavior of scientists. The main focus of these expertise is to control the illegal activities of professionals, to protect the interests and health of people.

Authors: Kovaleva T. V.

Direction: Philosophy

Keywords: social facts, social action, humanitarian expertises, social and cultural products, ethics

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