Issue 4 Volume 7, 2021

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-16 Philosophy Hermeneutics and its New Tendencies: to the Question of Aesthetic Paradigm Change Shcherbak N. F.
17-32 Philosophy Analysis of Humanitarian Technologies of Expertises in Solving of Socio-Cultural Dilemmas Kovaleva T. V.
33-44 Philosophy Melancholy and Crisis Worldview as the Situation of Man “In His Time” in the First Third of the XX Century Andreenko D. V.
45-57 Sociology Sociodynamics of Students’ Digital Capital in the Context of the COVID-19 Epidemiological Crisis: an Experience of a Mixed Strategy of Empirical Research Deryugin P. P., Bannova O. S., Kamyshina E. A., Yarmak V. E., Salfetnik K. E.
58-67 Sociology Artificial Intelligence in Media Discourse of 2010s Kolianov A. Yu.
68-78 Sociology Sociological Discourse-Analysis of the “Chinese Dream” Concept Pomozova N. B.
79-91 Sociology Fakes about Coronavirus: Communicational Technologies for Constructing False Messages Vasil’kova V. V., Trekin P. A.
92-103 Linguistics The Value Semantics in “Intelligent Travel” Discourse Ramantova O. V.
104-118 Linguistics Cognitive-Discursive Study of Migration Discourse (Based on English-Language Media Texts) Stepanova N. V.
119-130 Linguistics Interdiscursivity of Biofictional Narration: the Image of Petersburg in M. Bradbury’s “To the Hermitage” Urusova N. A.
131-144 Linguistics Discursive Strategies of Indirect Apology in English-Language Personal Communication Ilyinova E. Yu., Volkova O. S., Litvinova V. A.