Cultural Models of Media City

Introduction. The paper presents a cultural analysis of the main models of media city: technological, economic and socio-cultural, revealing its function as a stable socio-cultural system and focused on the aspects of the dominant culture. Particular attention is paid to the sociocultural model of a media city, which is most important for constructing a cultural theory of a media city. Methodology and sources. Methodologically, the work is based on a cultural-philosophical analysis of the projects of futurologists, forecasters, designers, set out in cultural texts (articles, architectural projects, urban plans, etc.), cases of introducing media technologies into the urban environment and research literature. Results and discussion. The model of “media city” at the present stage is actively used by developers, governments, corporations in various variations and is fixed in the mass consciousness as a cultural form that associates development, success and prosperity with the use of media technologies in everyday urban life. All projects of a media city contain, to one degree or another, a description of its three main models – technological (based on the belief that media technologies can solve the most complex problems of the urban environment), economic (offering new economic models and solutions based on the analysis of the most diverse, as a rule, big data) and sociocultural (considering media technology as a key factor in improving the quality of life). Thus, the result of the study is the cultural-philosophical specificity of each of the models of the media city. Conclusion. The sociocultural model of a media city forms a new cultural and anthropological basis for a new urban culture – a culture based on the use of network media devices in everyday practices that affect almost every aspect of the life of a city dweller, and, first of all, his cultural communications and transactions, which comprise the cultural experience of an individual or what we call culture.

Authors: Alexander V. Soloviev

Direction: Philosophy

Keywords: media city, media technologies, smart city, networking, networked society, networked economy, the cultural model media person, media environment

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