Issue 5 Volume 5, 2019

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-19 Philosophy “I didn’t really think about it ” (M. Planck and the Quantum Revolution) Igor S. Dmitriev
20-27 Philosophy The Role of Intertheoretical Connections in the System of Sciences (by the Example of Applying the Information Approach to the Theory of Evolution) Anna Yu. Storozhuk
28-40 Philosophy Cultural Models of Media City Alexander V. Soloviev
41-54 Philosophy The Library as a Form of Cultures Communication Tatyana B. Markova
55-63 Sociology Corporate Loyalty or Creative Self-Realization: Management Strategies in the Field of Journalism Nadezhda V. Kazarinova, Anna M. Ogorodnova
64-75 Sociology Social Portrait of a Student as a Component of Monitoring the Quality of the Organization of the Educational Process Albina A. Beschasnaya
76-87 Sociology European Identity Today: Thought or Feeling? Alexey Yu. Kolianov
88-98 Sociology Beyond the Believer-Citizen Dilemma in a Polity: a Membership Approach Mi Zhao, Wen Fang
99-113 Linguistics Linguistic Data Model for Natural Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Part 2. Identification Oleg M. Polyakov
114-122 Linguistics On the Divergence of a Proto-Indo-European Velar Syllabic Nasal in Indo-European Languages Georgiy M. Telezhko
123-135 Linguistics A Comparative Study of the Past Tense Aspects in Russian and Italian Stefano M. Capilupi, Marina N. Kulikova, Andrey А. Shumkov
136-152 Linguistics Speech Emotion Recognition: Humans vs Machines Stefan Werner, Georgii K. Petrenko