Issue 3 Volume 10, 2024

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-18 Philosophy Anatoly Vasiliev’s Theatre. Semiology of Continuity and the Way to a New Type of Theatrical System Andrey I. Perevalov
19-31 Philosophy Concept of Ideology: Evolution Tracks Sofya A. Sakharova
32-42 Philosophy Cultural and Philosophical Analysis of Collective Identity and its Representation in Cinema Karolina A. Kravchenko, Lyubov S. Moskovchuk
43-65 Sociology Accentuation Networks of IT Students, Managers and Journalists: an Interdisciplinary Approach in Comparative Analysis Pavel P. Deryugin, Sergei D. Kurazhev, Lyudmila P. Sazhenkova, Daniil A. Lebedintsev
66-74 Sociology The Importance of Human Capital in the Life of a Corporation: the Influence of Managers on the Dynamics of the Social Environment Elena A. Kamyshina
75-85 Sociology Towards a Methodological Basis the Study of the «Fourth Power» as an Institution of the Political System within Modern Society Vladimir P. Miletskiy, Yaroslav A. Emelin
86-99 Linguistics Mediapolitical Discourse: Concepts and Framework Nataliia V. Stepanova, Ekaterina V. Kurganskaia
100-111 Linguistics Representation of Medical Content in Online Discourse Irina I. Torubarova
112-121 Linguistics Perception of Iconic Russian Elements by English Speakers: Experimental Data Marina V. Veselova
122-137 Linguistics The Functioning of the English Language in the Educational, Political and Cultural Spheres of Belgium Georgiy A. Demin
138-151 Linguistics Formal Logical Modeling of Impersonal Sentences in the English Language Valeria N. Malysheva, Ekaterina V. Kurganskaia, Georgiy A. Demin
152-163 Linguistics Conceptual Metaphors in Psychotherapeutic Discourse (Using the Example of the Works of Art by Irwin Yalom and Ken Kesey) Irina V. Shugaylo