Issue 1 Volume 10, 2024

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-14 Philosophy The Influence of the Bertolt Brecht System on Traditional Chinese Theater Xu Jiawen, Larisa P. Morina
15-31 Philosophy F. Engels and K. Marx on the Origin of Private Property and the State: One Concept or Two? Andrey A. Koryakovtsev
32-41 Philosophy Transformation of Government-Society Relations in Context of Contemporary Informational Technologies Andrei I. Ponomarev, Sergei S. Bazhenov
42-55 Sociology Armenian Diaspora of Mordovia: Socio-Cultural Portrait (Experience of Sociological Analysis) Olga N. Barinova, Olga N. Kuzina, Irina V. Manaeva
56-72 Sociology Student Involvement in Science in the Focus of Sociological Analysis Elena V. Strogetskaya, Irina B. Betiger
73-85 Sociology Formation of a Positive Image of People with Disabilities in Modern Russian Media as the Basis for their Social Inclusion Yakov A. Margulyan, Yana S. Rocheva, Artem L. Shavonin
86-99 Sociology National Projects as a tool for Implementing the Welfare State in Modern Russia Evgeny A. Pashkovsky
100-113 Linguistics About One Linguistic Problem Oleg M. Polyakov
114-127 Linguistics Concept of “Mystery” and its Realization in the Works of J. Lippard and N. Buntline Vera V. Bezrukova, Artemii V. Garkusha
128-136 Linguistics Mathematical Approaches to the Study of Human Information Processing Olga I. Glazunova
137-150 Linguistics Speech and Genre Characteristics of Express Consultation as a New Phenomenon of Medical Discourse Anna A. Kiselnikova
151-162 Linguistics Medical Research Genres in the English Academic Discourse Elena V. Vakhterova, Anna O. Stebletsova
163-176 Linguistics Influence of Welsh Inversion and Agreement on English Syntax Boris S. Bogdanov, Andrey А. Shumkov