Issue 6 Volume 9, 2023

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-16 Philosophy Polish Philosophy of the XX – early XXI Centuries through the Eyes of the Russian Anna V. Babaeva
17-28 Philosophy Marxism and Religion: from Atheistic Prejudice to Scientific Approach Yuri V. Loskutov
29-43 Philosophy Topology of Ethos: Anthropology Study of the Phenomenon of Home Alena L. Razava
44-56 Philosophy Socio-Philosophical Foundations of Research of Artificial Intelligence in Art (in the Context of Music) Anna V. Ilina
57-73 Sociology A Study of the Values of Student Programmers in the Context of the Ideas of V.P. Tugarinov (to the 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg State University) Vladimir A. Glukhikh, Roman E. Popov, Artur A. Salakhutdinov, Pavel P. Deryugin
74-89 Sociology “Active Longevity”: Searching for Answers to New Challenges (on the Example of the Program “Moscow Longevity”) Marina V. Kornilova
90-100 Sociology Professional Gender Segregation in Scientific Discourse: Trends and Contradiction Alexey Yu. Kolianov
101-115 Sociology Sociological Diagnostics of the Image of a “hero” as an Object of Social Construction in the Ideology of Youth, during a Special Military Operation Anna S. Kurapova, Sergey V. Kurapov, Alexandr B. Ilchenko
116-127 Linguistics Pragmatic and Semantic Analysis of Anti-War Protest Utterances (on the Data of Public Opinion Discourse in the Spring of 2022 in Russia) Oksana V. Dreifeld
128-142 Linguistics Images of the Moon and the Sun in the Poetry of F.H. Thompson Maria V. Semenikhina
143-160 Linguistics Several Sociolinguistic Particularities of French-English Bi-Lingualism in Canada Valeriia D. Melnikova, Liubov A. Ulianitckaia
161-172 Linguistics Explicative Specificity of the Concept of “Coronavirus” for Children in the Framework of Medical Discourse Svetlana V. Kiseleva, Nella A. Trophimova, Yulia S. Ananyeva, Ekaterina Yu. Skryabina
173-183 Linguistics On the Issue of Systematization of Modern Terminology of Advertising and Public Relations Aleksey D. Krivonosov