Issue 5 Volume 9, 2023

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-14 Philosophy The Experience of Discursive Problematization of the Axiomatics of Revolution (K.S. Aksakov) Rostislav A. Aleksandrovskii
15-32 Philosophy Kant's Turn: Between Actual and Potential Infinity Maria I. Philatova
33-43 Philosophy “Text of Culture” as a Category of Cultural Philosophy: from Semiotic Theory to Research Practice Elena N. Shatova
44-58 Philosophy Cumulative Processes in the Modern World-System in the Prism of Dialectics and Laws of Synergetics: to the Problem of Transition to Egalitar Society under Conditions of Multipolarity Viktor V. Tuzov, Anna A. Izgarskaya
59-74 Sociology Everyday Corruption Practices of Young People in Argentina and Russia: the Experience of Comparative Analysis Isabel A. Morayta, Nikolai A. Pruel
75-85 Sociology Rudeness or Professional Competence: Negative Communication in the Information and Political Field Anna M. Ogorodnova
86-97 Sociology Development of Trends in Russian-Mongolian Educational Cooperation in New Conditions Oksana A. Beregovaya, Anastasia S. Bobrova, Margarita A. Yurchenko
98-116 Sociology Digital Culture of the Individual as a Factor in the Socio-Psychological Safety of the Digital Space Maria E. Kudryavtseva, Anna V. Pryakhina
117-128 Linguistics Functions of Intertextual Inclusions in Contemporary Publicist Discourse Marina N. Nikolaeva, Olga V. Trunova
129-138 Linguistics Integral Approach in Discourse Studies (Voice Messaging Study) Albina V. Kaminskaya
139-149 Linguistics The Nominative Field of HAPPINESS Concept in the Middle English and Modern English Periods Evgeniia A. Nilsen, Elizaveta A. Okulova
150-166 Linguistics Methods for Building Successful chatbot Communication in the Discourse of Sales in the Field of Digital Goods (Mobile Phones) on the Example of English and Russian Language Materials Anna A. Smirnova
167-183 Linguistics Komi – Russian and Karelian – Russian Code-Switching Alexander A. Ershov, Victoria A. Ivanova, Liubov A. Ulianitckaia