Issue 4 Volume 9, 2023

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-19 Philosophy The Space of the Children's World: the Problem of Transformation Alla V. Yurieva
20-28 Philosophy Russian Cosmism in the Design of the Urban Environment of the Soviet Union in the 50-60s of the Twentieth Century Anastasia V. Astakhova.
29-40 Philosophy Moral Agency Conditions: Moral Agent, Limited Moral Agent, Quasi-Moral Agent Sofia V. Glebova, Nina V. Perova
41-60 Philosophy Seeing Like a Market: to the Question of the Ethical Assessment of the Privatization of East German Companies in 1990–1994 Vasiliy A. Mironov
61-72 Sociology The Talk about the History of the Treuhandanstalt. Interview with Markus Böick. Part 2 Transl. by Mironov V. A.
73-85 Sociology Neoinstitutional Approach as a Methodology of Corporate Citizen-ship Phenomenon Analysis Larisa V. Sharakhina
86-98 Sociology The Interpretation of “diaspora” in Chinese Language: its Diversity and Influence on Social Theory and Practice Van Na, Elvira O. Leonteva
99-113 Sociology Representation of National Identity on the Net Margarita R. Snegur
114-126 Sociology On the Question of the Attitude to Sports Practices in Orthodoxy Aleksandr S. Gonashvili
127-138 Linguistics Pragmatic Syncretism in the Use of Hedges (Based on Russian Thesis Reviews) Elena Yu. Viktorova
139-149 Linguistics Fixed Collocations with Epitheta Ornantia in the Livonian Rhymed Chronicle in Terms of Historical Pragmalinguistics Elena S. Tikhonova
150-159 Linguistics Variation of the Intermediate Language in Flanders Natalia A. Kolomiets
160-175 Linguistics Representation of a Perceptual Event in an Interview with an Artist Tatiana I. Petukhova, Alexandra O. Chupakhina
176-186 Linguistics The Status of the German Language in Modern Germany: a Brief Description of the Language Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany Evgeniia S. Alekseenko