Issue 3 Volume 9, 2023

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-17 Philosophy Human Sciences: Another Experience of Substantiating Socio-Humanitarian Knowledge Olga V. Plebanek
18-31 Philosophy Ecosystem of the University as a Subject of Educational Analytics Olga D. Shipunova, Elena G. Pozdeeva, Lidiya I. Evseeva
32-43 Philosophy Søren Kierkegaard’s “Man in Search of God” as a Cultural and Anthropological Type Lyudmila A. Klyukina
44-59 Sociology The Talk about the History of the Treuhandanstalt. Interview with Markus Böick. Part 1 Transl. by Mironov V.A.
60-81 Sociology Problems of Sexual Morality in the Consciousness of Modern Student Youth Maria E. Kudryavtseva
82-98 Sociology Distance Education: Parents' Perception Mariya A. Abramova, Roman V. Kamenev
99-112 Sociology Logical and Historical Aspects of the Genesis of Russian Sociology (on the Example of N.Ya. Danilevsky and N.K. Mikhailovsky) Alexandra V. Shcherbina
113-133 Sociology Social Relations of IT Professionals with Other Professional Groups: Network Modeling and Results of Empirical Analysis Pavel P. Deryugin, Vladimir P. Miletsky, Olga V. Yarmak, Olesya S. Bannova, Sergei D. Kurazhev
134-149 Linguistics Comparative Analysis of the woman and женщина Conceptual Representation in English and Russian Languages in the Localization of the Series “The Handmaid's Tale” Nataliia V. Stepanova, Vlada N. Matveeva
150-164 Linguistics Linguo-Conceptual Studies of Literary Text: Evolution of Theoretical and Methodological Approaches Inna V. Kononova, Tatiana A. Prutskikh
165-175 Linguistics Meme Discourse as an Object of Linguocognitive Modelling Irina V. Rogozina, Nataliya Yu. Buhner
176-187 Linguistics On the Fate of Loanwords in a Language (the Case of the German Language) Evgeniia S. Alekseenko
188-198 Linguistics Representation of the Frame HEALTHY/UNHEALTHY EATING in American Media Discourse Elena R. Kulchitskaya