Issue 2 Volume 9, 2023

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-21 Philosophy The Problem of the Actual Infinity and the Path of the New European Classical Epistemology: from Genesis to the Modern Crisis Maria I. Philatova
22-34 Philosophy Existential Philosophy and Poetry Imaginism about the Temporalization of Despair Natalya V. Serova
35-51 Philosophy Emotional Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for Human-Machine Interaction Raisa I. Mamina, Evgeniya V. Piraynen
52-63 Philosophy The Values of Modern Female Manager in Social and Structural Relations of the Business Sphere Elena S. Gurenko
64-77 Sociology Representation of Disabled People in the Federal Media (by the Materials of the Content Analysis) Yana S. Rocheva, Artem L. Shavonin, Alexander A. Shadrin, Svetlana V. Sheverdina
78-92 Sociology Socio-Professional Group of IT Specialists: Conceptualization of the Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Study Pavel P. Deryugin, Olesya S. Bannova, Anastasia G. Maranchak
93-102 Sociology Understanding Digital Capital as a Factor of Transformation of Professional Communities Veronika E. Yarmak
103-110 Linguistics R-linguistics. The Principle of Linguistic Duality Oleg M. Polyakov
111-124 Linguistics Linguistic and Cultural Analysis of Translation Techniqies in the Process of Adaptation of an English Series Nataliia V. Stepanova, Yekaterina Yu. Sinitskaya
125-136 Linguistics Presentation of Space in E.A. Poe's Horror Stories Julia G. Timralieva, Nikita S. Tatarincev
137-155 Linguistics Scientific Discourse: Evolution of Theoretical and Methodological Approaches and Concepts Marina Yu. Mironova
156-168 Linguistics Linguistic and Cultural Component in Pandemic Coronavirus Discourse (German Humorous Texts and Metaphors) Nella A. Trofimova, Yanis A. Manukyan