Issue 1 Volume 9, 2023

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-17 Philosophy Argumentative Scheme for Abduction Angelina S. Bobrova
18-28 Philosophy Postcapitalist Projects: Ontology vs. Ideology Yuri V. Loskutov
29-42 Philosophy Metaphorical Truth and Neopragmatic Realism of Hilary Putnam Peter A. Ilyin
43-52 Philosophy The Philosophy of Communitarianism in the Mission of a Sustainable University Tatjana A. Balmasova
53-68 Sociology Actual Tasks of Sociological Diagnostics (on the Example of “Wartime Essays” by K. Manheim) Alexandra V. Shcherbina
69-83 Sociology Virtual Social Capital of Young Academics Ekaterina A. Poddyachaya
84-96 Sociology Social Integration of the Polish National Minority in Lithuania Snezana S. Starovoitova, Liubov A. Lebedintseva
97-115 Sociology Motivational Portrait of Digital Generation Applicant Elena V. Strogetskaya, Irina B. Betiger
116-129 Linguistics Temporal Markers as a Way of Modeling the Artistic Space of the Poem “Pe aceeași ulicioară” by M. Eminescu Аnna V. Diehl
130-141 Linguistics Peculiarities of the Functioning of the Taboo Lexicon in the Modern Western Cinematography Svetlana A. Pankratova
142-153 Linguistics Fragmentation as a Way of Representing a Person in T. Morrison's Novel “Beloved” Maria S. Breitling
154-166 Linguistics Actualization of Evaluativity as a Qualitative Category in the Discourse of English Internet Film Review Ekaterina A. Klenova
167-184 Linguistics Frame-Conceptual Composition and Speech Impact Means of the American Popular Psychology Discourse Elena V. Shelestyuk