Issue 6 Volume 8, 2022

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-16 Philosophy The Process of Globalization from the Point of View of Synergetic Patterns Victor V. Tuzov
17-30 Philosophy Artificial Intelligence: in Search for Formalization of Ethical Foundations Raisa I. Mamina, Anna V. Ilina
31-56 Philosophy (Philosophical) Pilgrimage to the East with a Visit to the West. Evgeniy A. Torchinov Evgeniy G. Sokolov
57-71 Sociology Regional “sociology without sociologists” in the Middle Volga Region in the Soviet Period Mansour V. Kildeyev
72-84 Sociology Social Support as a Factor of Increasing the Efficiency of Interaction between Doctors and Patients Anna A. Kiselnikova, Evgeny A. Pashkovsky
85-100 Sociology Web Resources in a Surgeon’s Everyday Professional Routine Marina V. Shutova, Yana S. Rocheva
101-115 Sociology “Human – Social Robot” Interaction: Through Overcoming Barriers to Hybrid Communication Vladimir I. Ignatyev, Ksenia I. Spiridonova
116-128 Linguistics Conceptualization of Temporal Relationships Structuring the Emotional World of a Person in the Poem “No – leave my heart to rest” by T. Moore Аnna V. Diehl
129-141 Linguistics The Ethics of the Virtual Educational Environment, New Meanings Grigory A. Rozhkov, Yulia V. Taratuhina, Lubov A. Tsyganova
142-156 Linguistics The Role of Language Game in German Political Discourse (on Case of “Political Ash Wednesday”) Mariya A. Yelizaryeva, Aleksandra P. Kryachkova
157-174 Linguistics English as the Lingua Franca in Europe Georgiy A. Demin, Liubov A. Ulianitckaia
175-195 Linguistics A New Approach to the Zero Subject in English Elvina J. Ibragimova, Tatyana V. Shulzhenko, Andrey A. Shumkov