Issue 5 Volume 8, 2022

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
18-27 Philosophy Conceptualization of Imperial Markers in the Architectural Ensemble of Budapest Yulia M. Maltseva
5-17 Philosophy Slow Science and Slow Education in a Digitalized University: an Anthropopractic Approach Yulia A. Gorbunova, Irina O. Boronikhina
28-41 Philosophy World-systems Foundations of Supradisciplinary Synthesis: Program Outlines for Studying the Dynamics of Societies in the Post-Soviet Space Anna A. Izgarskaya
42-54 Philosophy On the Newen’s Person Model Theory Andrei I. Ponomarev, Konstantin G. Frolov
55-67 Sociology Professional Practices of Methodical Work in Higher Education Nadezhda V. Kazarinova, Valeria A. Sukhanova
68-80 Sociology Students’ Values of Various Training Profiles in the Digitalization of Society Context: Results of an Empirical Study Pavel P. Deryugin, Olesya S. Bannova
81-90 Sociology Artificial Intelligence as a Strategic Component of Technological Sovereignty Alexey Yu. Kolianov
91-105 Sociology Social Entrepreneurship in Russia as a Topical Communication Activity Anna V. Pryakhina, Diana A. Bagdasaryan, Alisa M. Bukovskaya
106-117 Linguistics On Linguistic and Political Borders (the Case of the Ripuarian Dialect Group) Elena S. Tikhonova
118-128 Linguistics The Metaphors “Human-Animal”, “Animal-Human” in T. Morrison’s Novel “Beloved” Julia G. Timralieva, Maria S. Breitling
129-143 Linguistics Recreational Thematic Dominants in News TV Discourse Marina A. Gladko
144-159 Linguistics Language Contacts in Belgian Media Ivan M. Gorelenko, Liubov A. Ulianitckaia