Issue 3 Volume 8, 2022

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-17 Philosophy A Logical-Semantic Analysis of Predicates of Personal Taste in Assessments of Sensory Perception Polina A. Pavlukhina
18-28 Philosophy Trust to Testimony: Reductionism and Non-Reductionism Mikhail G. Khort
29-40 Philosophy Features and Prospects of Russian Education: Specifics of Socio-Philosophical Reflection Irina V. Yakovleva
41–55 Sociology World-Class Scientific and Educational Centers as Drivers of the Formation of the Human Capital of Russians: Sociological Analysis of the Problem Field (to the 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg State University) Roman E. Popov, Ivan A. Baruzdin, Artur A. Salakhutdinov, Pavel P. Deryugin
56-69 Sociology Traditional Values in Analytical Perspectives of Sociology Alexandra V. Shcherbina
70-81 Sociology Living in a Modern City: Digital Practices of Homeless People in St Petersburg Anna S. Chernoivanova
82-91 Sociology The Sociological Approach to the Values of the Manager Gurenko E.S., Karpova E.H.
92-104 Linguistics Soft Skills Representation in English and Russian Songs Marina V. Petrova, Stanislava V. Pristupa, Grigory A. Rozhkov, Alexandra P. Tumanova
105-116 Linguistics Types of Adaptation of German Loanwords in the Social Discourse of the Norwegian Language (on the Material from Public Digital Sources) Anna-Mariia V. Grinchel
117-127 Linguistics Objects of Cultural-Cognitive Analysis in Comparative Lexicography Aleksandr S. Mamontov, Vera V. Boguslavskaya, Albertina G. Ratnikova, Alyona R. Golub, Trinh Thi Kim Ngoc
128-146 Linguistics “Chatbot Communication” as an Object of Linguistic Research in the System of Digital Communications Svetlana V. Kiseleva, Anna A. Smirnova, Nella A. Trofimova
147-165 Linguistics Semantic-Cognitive Analysis of the Concept PANDEMIC (Based on English Media Texts) Elena V. Korovina, Nataliia V. Stepanova