Issue 2 2022

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-16 Philosophy Three Approaches to Criticisms and Support in Evaluation of Arguments Elena N. Lisanyuk
17-27 Philosophy Machines and Human Epistemology Timofei S. Demin, Konstantin G. Frolov
28-40 Philosophy The Historical Space-Time Continuum as an Anthropological Phenomenon Yurij L. Sirotkin
41-52 Philosophy Relation between Phenomenological Features of Perception and Semantics of Singular Terms in the Context of Taste and Desire Attitudes Maria V. Shkabrova
53-65 Sociology Professional Activities of Disabled People as a Factor of the Development of Education in an Inclusive Society Svetlana S. Lebedeva, Maria E. Kudryavtseva
66-77 Sociology Corruption as a Social Problem: a Constructionist Approach Ekaterina A. Kovtun
78-87 Sociology Who Needs Traditional Values? The Problem of Integrating Traditional Cultures into Modern Society Elena E. Marchenko, Viktor G. Oreshkin, Olga V. Plebanek
88-97 Sociology Semiosis of Artificial Intelligence and Social Development Alexey Yu. Kolianov
98-112 Linguistics Linguistic Data Model for Natural Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Part 7. Internal logic 2 Polyakov O. M.
113-123 Linguistics Students' Motivation under the Study of Foreign Languages in a Pharmaceutical University Irina V. Arkhipova, Grigory A. Rozhkov, Stanislava V. Pristupa, Elena О. Sergopoltseva, Alexandra P. Tumanova
124-157 Linguistics Research on the Structure of Indo-European Dialect Continuum by Comparing Swadesh Lists of the Closest Descendant Languages Telezhko G. M.
158-173 Linguistics Key Words as Markers of the Communicative Behavior of the Discursive Personality of the Nominee to the USA Presidency (Based on the Genre of Pre-Election Debates) Larisa A. Kochetova, Yana Yu. Demkina