Issue 1 Volume 8, 2022

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-18 Philosophy Modern Historicism: the Universal History of E. Toffler Boris G. Sokolov
19-37 Philosophy How Many Ways are there Not to Act? Gleb V. Karpov
38-50 Philosophy Existential and Architectural Space in the Human World: Gender Aspect Alla V. Yurieva
51-63 Philosophy Dziga Vertov and Walt Whitman: Poetic Image in Documentary Films Kirill L. Goryachok
64-81 Philosophy Artificial Intelligence in the View of Philosophical Methodology: an Educational Track Raisa I. Mamina, Stanislav N. Pochebut
82-93 Sociology Artificial Intelligence as a Problem of Modern Sociology Vladimir A. Glukhikh, Sergey M. Eliseev, Nataliya P. Kirsanova
94-104 Sociology State and Trends of Development of Territorial Differentiation of Modern Labour Force Svetlana I. Rosenko, Dmitry N. Verzilin, Vladimir V. Pyzh
105-122 Sociology Blues as a Symbolic Resistance and Representation of Countercultural Groups in the United States in the late 19 – early 20 centuries Maksim P. Zamotin
123-132 Sociology The Theory of Max Weber as a Methodology of Sociological Analysis for Understanding the Foreign Policy of Modern China Natalia B. Pomozova
133-141 Linguistics Linguistic Data Model for Natural Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Part 7. Internal Logic 1 Polyakov O.M.
142-157 Linguistics Lexical Interference of Russian and Karelian in the Diachronic Aspect of Language Policy Victoria A. Ivanova, Liubov A. Ulianitckaia
158-167 Linguistics Possibilities of Searching for Linguistic Means of Expressing Semantic Categories in Translation by Using Corpus-Based Irina A. Lekomtseva, Adelia Kh. Abdulmanova, Marina N. Kulikova
168-180 Linguistics Linguistic and Cultural Analysis of Translation Techniques in the Process of Localization of an English Fairy Tale Anna A. Litvinova, Nataliia V. Stepanova