Issue 5 Volume 7, 2021

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-44 Philosophy The Concept of “Prophetic” Socialism by Max Scheler Malinkin A. N.
45-54 Philosophy The Problem of the Stability of the Social System in Ancient Indian Philosophy Tuzov V. V., Mazina R. R.
55-70 Philosophy The Philosophical Aspects of the Dialogue between Modern Cosmology and Theology Nesteruk, A. V., Soldatov, A. V.
71-85 Sociology Chinese Think Tanks: from Practical Rationality to Social Institutional Reflection Pomozova N. B.
86-97 Sociology Regional Specificity of the Personality of the Bribe-Giver: the Experience of Sociological Analysis Agishev R. R., Barinova O. N., Manaeva I. V.
98-111 Sociology Anti-corruption Policy as a Factor of Influence on Protest Potential and Stability in Modern Society Egorov V. A., Miletskiy V. P.
112-125 Sociology Corporate Education in Russia. Prerequisites for Development, Current Tasks, Construction Models Kazantsev K. Yu., Chernykh S. I.
126-142 Linguistics No Kidding Games Besedina E. I., Kuzmich I. V., Maklakova N. V., Shamina E. A.
143-161 Linguistics Pragmastilistic Analysis of Migration Discourse (Based on Speeches by British Politicians) Matveeva V. N., Stepanova N. V.
162-173 Linguistics Types and Functions of Repetition in the Works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft Tatarincev N. S.
174-194 Linguistics Towards the Question on the Zero Subject in English Stepanenko I. S., Ulianitckaia L. A., Shulzhenko T. V.