Issue 3 Volume 7, 2021

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-19 Philosophy Interface Pharmacotechniques: Conditions and Opportunities Ocheretyany K. A.
20-35 Philosophy Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Aspects of Silence: A Structural Model of Communication Shcherbak N. F., Potienko V. I.
36-51 Philosophy Dziga Vertov’s Cinema as a Language of Temporal Reflection Yakimov A. E.
52-64 Sociology Sociocultural Dynamics of Perception of Italian Brands in Russia Akinina R. D., Gonashvili A. S., Kirsanova N. P.
65-79 Sociology Traditional Man in the “Digital Cell”. Ideal Sources of Alternative Scenarios (20–30s of the XXth century) Shcherbina A. V.
80-88 Sociology Attitudes of Modern Youth to the Innovative Activities: Based on the Materials of Sociological Research Ushenkov E. E.
89-102 Linguistics Comparative Analysis Research Methods of Political Discourse Demkina Ya. Yu.
103-117 Linguistics Metaphorical Representation of the Migration Crisis as a Natural Phenomenon of the Water Element (Based on American Media Texts) Stepanova N. V.
118-126 Linguistics Linguadidactical and Sociocultural Aspects of Creating Interethnic Relations in Organization of Extra-Classes Activities in Non-Linguistic University Petrova M. V., Rozhkov G. A.
127-142 Linguistics Brief Description of German and Other Germanic Language Varieties on the Territory of Wallonia Alekseenko E. S., Ulianitckaia L. A.