Issue 2 Volume 7, 2021

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-15 Philosophy On the Syllogistic of G. Boole Chernoskutov Yu. Yu.
16-27 Philosophy Digital Etiquette and Its Specification (Philosophical and Methodological Aspect) Mamina R. I., Pochebut S. N.
28-39 Philosophy On the Fate of the Temporal Existence of Man in the Technogenic Epoch: between Moments and Minutes Serova N. V.
40-55 Sociology Features of Communication of People Living Together during the Period of Self-isolation Pashkovsky E. A.
56-80 Sociology “My Daughter is not like That”: A Qualitative Study of Parental Perception on Child Sexual Abuse Risk Eelmaa S.
81-93 Sociology All-Russian Voting as an Institution of Democracy: Justification, Effects, Perspectives Ignatushko I. V.
94-107 Sociology The Smart Education Paradigm: Expected Outcomes and Real-Life Student Experience Strogetskaya E. V., Betiger I. B.
108-117 Linguistics The Role of Imagery in Film Creation (on the Example of Technical Images in Western Sci-Fi Films) Pankratova S. A.
118-126 Linguistics Zeugma as a Method of Pragmatic Focusing in a Literary Text (Based on the Material of the German Language) Timralieva J. G.
127-134 Linguistics Linguistic Data Model for Natural Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Part 6. The Еxternal Logic Polyakov O. M.
135-155 Linguistics The Critique of Gender Linguistics from the Perspective of Feminist Linguistics Ulianitckaia L. A.