Issue 5 Volume 6, 2020

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-15 Philosophy The Space of an Image Existence. What do the Internet the Ancient City and the Medieval Temple Have in Common? Vasilyeva M. A.
16-28 Philosophy The Problem of Temporality in the Architectural Heritage Yurieva A. V.
29-39 Philosophy Psychological TV-series as a Phenomenon of the Consumer Society of the XXI Century Prokofieva D. V.
40-50 Sociology Parents about School: from Factors Choice of Educational Institutions to the Real Information Children's School Life Belousov K. Yu.
51-61 Sociology The Relevance of E. Fromm's Ideas about Sane Society in 2020 Pashkovsky E. A.
62-72 Sociology Communication Scenarios of Misunderstanding Kazarinova N. V.
73-86 Sociology Discursive Practices of Doctor-Patient Online-Communication (the Case of “”) Iskanderova L. V.
87-96 Linguistics Vocalic Ratio as One of the Most Important Criteria of Phonetic Classification of World Languages Genidze N. K.
97-112 Linguistics Stimuli Selection Criteria for the Experiment “Visual Perception of Imitative Words in Native and Non-Native Language by the Method Lexical Decision” Flaksman M. A., Lavitskaya Yu. V., Sedelkina Yu. G., Tkacheva L. O.
113-129 Linguistics Pluricentric Languages Policy Features through the Example of French Ivanova V. A., Ulianitckaia L. A.
130-139 Linguistics Specificity of Cognate Nouns and Adjectives Functioning Noskina L. V.