Issue 4 Volume 6, 2020

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-21 Philosophy Russian Elders: Aesthetics of Good-Imaged Beauty Dorofeev D.Yu.
22-38 Philosophy Digital Humanities: Is it a New Science or a Set of Models and Practices of the Global Network Project? Mamina R.I., Yelkina E.E.
39-45 Philosophy On the Philosophic Meaning of the “Conflict Pattern” Term Kabylinskii B.V.
46-61 Sociology Participation in Cities in Sociological Discourse Beschasnaya A.A., Pokrovskaia N.N.
62-72 Sociology Professional Identity of Journalist in Hybrid Media System Kolianov A.Yu.
73-94 Sociology Network Diagnostics of Identification Strategies in an Organization: Methodology and Pilot Study Experience Deryugin P. P., Panov S. V., Kurapov S. V., Yi Shi, Kamyshina E. А.
95-105 Sociology Scientific Illustration: from Informational Support to a Culture of Participation Lisovsky D. K.
106-120 Linguistics Strategies of Creating the Inventor’s Image in Popular Science Discourse Ramantova O. V., Stepanova N. V.
121-130 Linguistics Nominative Specificity of English Marketing Terminology Rubert I.B., Rosyanova T.S., Kiselieva S.V.
131-149 Linguistics Stanislav Voronin’s Universal Classification of Onomatopoeic Words: a Critical Approach (Part 1) Flaksman M.A.
150-164 Linguistics Phonosemantic Interference: Multiple Motivation in the Imitative Word Coinage (on the Material of Invented Languages) Davydova V.A.