Issue 2 Volume 6, 2020

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-14 Philosophy Normativity of Professional Morality and Metaethics Morozov A. A., Denisenko S. V.
15-28 Philosophy Trends and Peculiarities of Educational Migration in Modern Russia Chernykh S. I., Izgarskaya A. A.
29-43 Philosophy The Prose by Salinger and the Metaphysics of Gilles Deleuze Shcherbak N. F., Taunay A.
44-60 Sociology Advertising and Public Relations Professional Education in the Regions of Russia: Educational Organizations Branding Issues Sharakhina L . V., Ranchin A V.
61-79 Sociology Social Well-being of the Megalopolis Population as an Integral Indicator Deriugin P. P., Lebedintseva L. A., Yarmak O. V., Yi Shi, Kamyshina E. A.
80-96 Sociology Ontology of Augmented Reality Ignatyev V I.
97-106 Sociology “The Revolution of Dignity” in Ukraine in the Context of Civilizational Choice Ignatushko I. V.
107-114 Linguistics Linguistic Data Model for Natural Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Part 4. Language Polyakov O. M.
115-124 Linguistics The Problems of Conceptualization and Categorization in English Terminology Kiseleva S. V., Mironova M. Y., Trofimova N. A.
125-133 Linguistics The Concept “Semantic Invariant ” as a Cognitive Term Pesina S. A
134-143 Linguistics Negativity in Filmonyms Translation: Interpretative Transformation or the Transformation of the Mind? Pankratova S. A.