Issue 1 Volume 6, 2020

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-20 Philosophy Modern Urban Culture: a City for or against a Person? Olga V. Kireeva, Maria N. Veselova
21-37 Philosophy Soviet Musical Avant-Garde in the Context of Time (in the mid. 1950s – 1980s): Historical and Cultural Studies and Philosophical Aspects Olga V. Andreeva
38-48 Philosophy The Ideological Perspective of Modern Conflict Reality in a Closed Society: the North Korean Case Boris V. Kabylinskii
49-61 Sociology Music as a Research Object of Cultural Anthropology by George Herzog Maksim P. Zamotin
62-71 Sociology Studying Genealogy as a Factor of Cultural Self-Identification of the Person Maria E. Kudryavtseva
72-82 Sociology Expert Estimation of Effectiveness of Social Work with Migrants in Russian Government Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations Ekaterina A. Kovtun, Anastasia D. Yakolenko
83-95 Sociology Triple Social Construction of Food and Eating Junkai Jin
96-105 Linguistics Speech and Music Acoustics, Rhythms of the Brain and their Impact on the Ability to Accept Information Ivan V. Pavlov, Valeriy M. Tsaplev
106-120 Linguistics Transcendentalism, Network Concepts and American Poetry Nina F. Shcherbak, Alena I. Gerus
121-128 Linguistics The Concepts-Constants of Political Discourse Yana Yu. Demkina
129-137 Linguistics Translation Strategies for Speech Features of Characters in Fictional Texts (a Case Study of Speech of Upper Class Representatives) Marina N. Kulikova