Issue 6 Volume 5, 2019

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-15 Philosophy Prospects for “Book Culture” in the Context of Education Mediation Karina G. Antonian, Nina A. Sokolova
16-28 Philosophy Problematization of Modern Philosophical Anthropology and Prospects of its Development Daniil Yu. Dorofeev
29-41 Philosophy Generational Issues in the Digital Age: Philosophical Projection Raisa I. Mamina, Irina I. Tolstikova
42-56 Philosophy The Internationalization of Science and Education as a Global Process: a World-System Approach Anna A. Izgarskaya, Sergey I. Chernykh
57-71 Sociology In the Ensemble with Technical Subjects Vladimir I. Ignatyev
72-90 Sociology Systemic Policy as a Factor in the Formation of an Anti-Corruption Climate in Modern Russian Society Evgenii G. Melnikov, Vladimir P. Miletskiy, Sergey D. Savin
91-107 Sociology Student Educating Experience in the New Digital Education Paradigm Elena V. Strogetskaya, Evgeniy A. Pashkovsky, Nadezhda V. Kazarinova, Irina B. Betiger, Alexander V. Timofeev
108-119 Sociology Identity and Memory in the Urbanonyms of Vladikavkaz Valeriy Kh. Tkhakakhov
120-131 Linguistics Gender-Biased Language of the Workplace Oksana O. Stroi
132-143 Linguistics Linguistic Data Model for Natural Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Part 3. Recognition Oleg M. Polyakov
144-154 Linguistics Speaking of the Genre Types of USA Institutional Political Discourse Abduaziz A. Alimdjanov, Tatyana P. Tretyakova
155-165 Linguistics Concept «Family»: Actualization in Russian, Danish and Finnish Media Discourses Vera V. Boguslavskaya, Albertina G. Chafonova