Issue 4 Volume 5, 2019

Contents of the issue

Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-17 Philosophy Historico-Philosophical Aspects of Mathematisation of Nature in Modern Science Alexei V. Nesteruk, Aleksandr V. Soldatov
18-25 Philosophy Tye’s Theory of the Unconceptual Content of the Perceptual Mental States Andrej I. Ponomarev
26-41 Philosophy Russian Cosmism – the Theory of Media Epistemic Actions Konstantin A. Ocheretyany
42-52 Philosophy Consequences of IT Transformations Olga V. Gutorovich, Valerii N. Gutorovich
53-64 Sociology Social Portrait of a Modern Student Olga V. Yarmak, Pavel P. Deryugin, Veronika E. Yarmak
65-72 Sociology Propaganda Through a Prism of a Photographic Image in the Totalitarian States on the Example of the Third Reich Viktoriya S. Zablotskaya
73-85 Sociology Sanctions as a Socio-Political Factor of International Cooperation (on the Example of the Influence of Modern Russian-German Relations on the International System) Anna P. Nagdaseva
86-101 Sociology Use of Chatbots in Volunteering Valeria V. Vasilkova, Natalya I. Legostaeva, Elizaveta A. Penkova
102-114 Linguistics Linguistic Data Model for Natural Languages and Artificial Intelligence. Part 1. Categorization Oleg M. Polyakov
115-127 Linguistics Beginning and Completion of Events in the Russian and English Language Picture of the World and Features of their Perception in the National Language Consciousness Tatiana N. Osintseva
128-137 Linguistics Ways to Specify Temporal Nouns in the “Livonian Rhymed Chronicle” Elena S. Tikhonova
138-149 Linguistics From the Proverbs to Modern Media. Formation of People Identity Through Education of Language Stereotypes of Neighbors Iwona Jacewicz