The concept of justice is one of central social philosophical categories as it allows to unite core foundations and regulatory requirements of social life into one concept. Studying the phenomenon of justice, the author turns to the Russian philosophical thought from the middle of the 19th century to the present day. It considers this concept in the context of the most urgent and controversial issues of Russian society in the given period of time. The analysis of the connection between justice as a phenomenon in the social interactions system and the development of the society as a whole is of particular interest. It is established that the understanding of justice in the Russian public conscience is not unconditional and absolute. It is always focused on specific events or phenomena in people's lives and depends on the nature of both individual and group or class interests, as well as on the extent of appropriation of wealth and spiritual values by the subjects of relations.

Authors: S. V. Grozdilov

Direction: Philosophical Sciences

Keywords: Justice, discourse, morality, law, truth, public conscience, appropriation, reform, social relations

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