Since the industrial revolution of XVIII century knowledge begins to be appreciated mainly for its practical utility. Technological model of knowledge becomes dominant in natural sciences and extends to humanities. Supporters of naturalistic position insist that our knowledge about people and society should lead to enhanced management practices. The article proves that the specific character of subject-object relations in human sciences makes it impossible to realize technological model of knowledge in them. This realization would presume dividing the society into two separate parts. One of these parts would study the other and would improve methods of manipulating it. And the other part would be deprived of access to knowledge about itself. Human and social sciences do not study outer object external to us; he goal of humanitarian knowledge is not to explain others but to understand ourselves better.

Authors: V. I. Medvedev, A. E. Nazirov

Direction: Philosophical Sciences

Keywords: Technological model of knowledge, humanitarian knowledge, naturalism and anti-naturalism, subject-object relations

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