The authors analyzed the current state of the transport and tourist complex with guidelines outlined in the Strategy of tourism development until 2020. The transport system, according to many researchers, acts as a fundamental determinant of the tourist macro environment. The interdependence and economical impact of transport and tourism systems on tourism at the level of a cluster, а region, or a country, is obvious. In the future, according to experts, the mutual influence of transport system and the world tourism industry will only increase. Interaction between transport and tourism spheres gathers close attention of specialists of the corresponding industries, and in recent years the number of economists who contributed has grown. The analysis of a large number of publications on the subject has led to the conclusion that a number of issues remain at the discussion level. First of all, these are the features of the functioning of the tourist transport complex in relation to the public transport system, the problems of forming an organizational and economic mechanism that improves the efficiency of interaction between the tourism industry and the transport system, contributing to their mutual development in the modern world economy. This problem requires further, more detailed study of the functioning of all determinants (subsystems) that make up the transport and tourist complex. Scientific works in tourism economy, economy and transport management, as well as statistical data on tourist transportations, form theoretical, methodological and informational basis of the research.

Authors: S. V. Mitrofanov

Direction: Economics and National Economy Management

Keywords: Economics, transport, recession, tourism, tourist industry, transport system of the Russian Federation

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